Encounter is a space where we encounter each other, ourselves, and the space itself. We perform with and for one another within given conditions. There is no preparation, no agenda. Things unfold on their own. We agree that there will be no idle observers; everyone is active in the space.

We are comprised of a fairly consistent group of art makers from widely different backgrounds and we’ve established familiarity and a history of working together in this manner since 2012. With no regard for hierarchy of acceptable or preferred practice styles, we move fluidly between ritual, task, movement, theatrical and improv-based performance practices. We come to the space with our own histories. We are rigorous in our willingness to be open to the unplanned. We trust the unpredictability of the moment. We agree to fully commit to what is there.

“…gather a group of performers to perform spontaneously at a given time and place. There will be no audience nor documentation. You can bring some materials although you should not prepare in advance. Performance should manifest at the encounter. Where your vulnerability became your guide. Where the notion of failure or achievement is irrelevant, and dinner will be served afterwards.”   
- Mariel Carranza, invitation to Encounter #1 (July 15, 2012) 

Encounter is the work of a constantly evolving group of artists including Mariel Carranza, Dino Dinco, Rafa Esparza, Rochelle Fabb, Doran George, Douglas Green, Asher Hartman, Rebeca Hernandez, Carol McDowell, Sara Schnadt, Rossen Ventzislavov, Samuel White, Dorian Wood, Allison Wyper, Ladan Yalzadeh.

Special guest artists have included Alastair MacLennan and Rocio Boliver.

Article by Dino Dinco for Dance Theater Journal

Photos below by Tyler Matthew Oyer, Marcela Fuentes, Paul Outlaw, Allison Wyper